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  Free or Cheap Software for School

Can't afford MS Office. This is a free open source package that is better than Office, though the interface is different.

This is another free open source alternative to MS Office.

On a Mac NeoOffice has many improvements over the previous two packages but now is $40 in the Apple Store but $15 at the NeoOffice site.

NASA's astro photo of the day.

Bad Astronomy
Phil Plait's blog on astro BS, now hosted by slate.com.

Universe Today
A daily article about astronomy in the news.

Windows to the Universe
Pictures & articles about Earth and space.

More pictures & articles about space and spaceflight.

Starts with a Bang
A daily article with topics from astrophysics to philosophy.

A site I check first thing every morning.

Astronomy for Kids
Are you a parent or have a younger sibling at home?

NASA Kids Club
The name says it all.

  Astronomy Observing

Sky & Telescope
A magazine with good online articles on observing.

Sign in for local sky data–I have an account for us: the username is "TRAstro" password is "success".

  Our Environment

Living on Earth
Deep thoughtful podcasts hearing from both sides of an issue.

Nature Camp
Environmental education camp where I taught for 11 summers & still teach at the adult session. I am a member of the foundation that owns the camp.

  Getting High on Physics

Latest physics news from the Institute of Physics.

Concise hyper-linked info for students on all aspects of physics

The Particle Adventure
About the standard model & beyond from Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories

  Space Missions

Spaceflight Now
Even has live video of launches including some Russian ones.

Current NASA Missions
Also look at ESA Missions.

  Medicine & Nutrition

Consumer Labs
They do what your government should but does not-they test vitamins & over the counter supplements. Subscription only, but worth every penny.

Alcohol Awareness  
Each year alcohol kills more than 20 times as many Ameericans as was lost on 9/11 and that result happens year after year. Links to getting help.

Alcohol Myths  
This page is good. Sadly you will probably see words on this page you have heard coming from a friend's mouth.

Science based medical info, also try Cleveland Clinic and the Mayo Clinic.   

Quack Watch
Love the name. Love the site.

CSPI Nutrition Action
This is one of the unbiased health letters as is Berkeley Wellness.

  Wacko, Just Plain Wacko 

UFO Sightings Daily
These people think aliens are all over the place.

UFOs stealing our cows
There are seemingly sane people who believe this stuff as true and they can vote in elections.

  Some of my Favorites

BigAss Fans
They hire physicists to design big fans.

Nature Camp
Teaching sustainability to young & old. I knew the founder, have taught there for decades and helped start the Nature Camp Foundation.

Pitch Drop Experiment
The longest running continuous science experiment.