Optional Little Grade Activities

These activities are science related events outside of class but connected to the idea of science and
society and that is really the primary mission of the College in a general education science class.
Here is how you earn credit for any of them. First attend for the entire activity. Second take notes
on what is said or transpires. Hand in those notes to TR. That is it. You will earn credit for a 10
point little quiz or class activity to be computed as part of your little grade average. This method
helps to boost your average especially if you missed too many times.

This week the Halsey Institute is sponsoring a number of lectures and a movie related to sustain-
ability and the survival of humanity in the 21st century. The series is titled Sea Change featuring
Aurora Robson and Chris Jordan. The work is an art/science intersection.

Chris is a special artist to me. He was a biology student of mine when as a desperate astronomer
right out of grad school I was teaching high school chemistry, pre-calculus and biology because I
wanted employment and some Ph D astronomers were working at places like Hardee's to put food
on the table. I loved every minute of it and Chris credits the nature photos I showed to his class
after my weekend forays into the deep woods with inspiring him to become a photographer.

Here are some interesting links:

Chris Jordan's previous exhibition at the Halsey Institute
Running the Numbers  LINK   Be sure to click on the images to see the detail.
Running the Numbers II  LINK  
Charleston Music Hall this Wednesday  LINK 
SSMB Panel Discussion w/Chris Jordan LINK

Below are the activities. Attend any you wish and submit your notes next week.