Assignments HONS 160 spring 2018

Assignment #1 Our Roadmap
Before embarking on a trip, may people like to have a map showing the journey and indicating highlights along the way. Below is a list of astronomical objects and concepts that highlight our study this semester. Think of this assignment as creating your roadmap. Your assignment is to prepare a description on each one of these items. Your description should be complete in that it should inform an intelligent person unfamiliar with the topic. There might be a few items where one good sentence can do the job but most will take more. Try to limit each entry to no more than three sentences. Please submit them in order and at the end of you submission list any sources you consulted in creating your descriptions.

solar system
solar neighborhood
emission nebula
molecular cloud
nuclear fusion
nuclear fission
main sequence star
brown dwarf star
white dwarf star
giant star
red giant star
supergiant star
binary star
open cluster
globular cluster
planetary nebula
neutron star
black hole
stellar mass black hole
gamma ray burst
Milky Way Galaxy
Local Group (of galaxies)
Local Supercluster (of galaxies)
supermassive black hole
dark matter
dark energy
cosmological red shift
Big Bang
Big Bang nuecleosysthesis
cosmic microwave background
big rip

electromagnetic radiation

special relativity

general relativity

gravitational wave (not gravity wave)

quantum mechanics
standard model of physics

strong nuclear force

weak nuclear force


Submit by email as an attachment in a .docx document. Document name should begin with your last name. Your email Subject should begin exactly as H160 assignment.  Assigment is due by midnight Jan. 16.