A130 Galaxy Classification Lab

We will complete some of Lab 7 in the Astronomy Lab Manual for this week's work. You will work on Parts I, II, and III pages 41-47. The Table 7.1 for part I is messed up so when you get to that part use this version-LINK.

Part I

Follow the instructions and be sure to complete for practice (no need to hand it in with the lab) the prelab found here. As the lab manual tells you work on questions a and b but not c. This short exercise will make the rest of your work go quickly. In Part I you will need Table 7.1 whose link is in the section above. When I do this exercise in class I suggest for Table 7.1 that the students use Google images for better photographs that the old ones linked in the lab. I would, however, look at them too. Also note that all that space for comments is not expected to be filled up. It is there for when it is necessary.
Part II

This part is pretty straight forward. Just follow the lab manual.

Part III

In Part III the web page at Tufts is messed up in that the names and the photos are not together but they are still in order. You folks are smart and knowing what I just said I think you can find your way here.

What to hand in?

Submit a title page, my version of Table 7.1 and pages 44–47 ending at question III-6.