SSMB Panel Discussion
Individual Writing Assignment

Newspaper Reporting
People who write for the newspaper are called reporters because they are reporting
on something that is happening in the community served. This assignment asks you
to put on your reporter's hat and write a short essay (250-350 words) that captures
the essence of the panel SSMB panel discussion, Science + Art: Creating the
Environmental Message. I forgot mention earlier that is is an individual (not a lab
group) assignment.

This discussion fits nicely with "College Reads" topic this year on water as well as
the requirement we have (from the College not from TR) this semester to write a
letter to an elected official on an issue connecting science and society. That is the
reason I took the time from the regular lab work so all of us could attend.

Writing Tips
There a several good sources online for writing general newspaper articles but not
everything in them applies to our situation today, so I have taken the wikiHow
page and distilled the part that apply to our assignment and added a few comments.

Begin by asking yourself the “5W’s” (sometimes “6W’s”).
Who - who was involved?
What - what happened?
Where - where did it happen?
Why - why did it happen?
When - when did it happen?
How - how did it happen?

Compile all your facts. Once you can clearly answer the “5W’s” jot down a list of
all the pertinent facts and information that needs to be included in the article.
Organize your facts into three groups:
  1. those that need to be included in the article.
  2. those that are interesting but not vital.
  3. those that are related but not important to the purpose of the article.
When writing a news article, interviewing people and getting a first hand source on
your topic can be invaluable. Here you can use the questions from the audience in
the same way. There will not be time to interview the participants in any useful way.

Assignment Details
Your article should have a title (headline) and your full name should be in the
document either at the end or in the header.. Formatting. Use a serif font such as
Times New Roman or similar in the 12 point size. Set your document margins for
1-inch all around. The final document submitted by email should be saved as a
".docx" type with the following naming convention: the docent name should begin
with your last name, a space ant then the word article, for example
You should send a document and not a link to your work in Google Docs.

Submission Requirements
Submit your article as an email attachment to with the email
beginning with the following "A130L".  After that beginning you can put
what you wish including nothing more. The reason for these seemingly obsessive
details and requirements is that when sent this way my system automatically creates
4 copies of your submission in different places.

Due Date
This assignment is due by 11:59 PM EDT on Nov. 2, 2017.